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Our Commitment

We are committed to helping our clients gain an edge through the technology we build, the attention we pay to every detail of our client’s needs and the urgency with which we approach our work. In other words, we utilize our human capital to better your human capital.

We are committed to service excellence for every AgencySmart client. Your business is our priority, and we work hard to ensure that we provide the resources, processes, technology and expert guidance that enable you to focus on your business.


AgencySmart has been helping brokers and general agents manage their business since 1999. AgencySmart is a cloud-based CRM designed to track client and prospect renewals, service issues, commissions, easily communicate with clients and prospects and quote group, individual and Medicare plans and more …


AgencySmart facilitates the flow of work and information by reducing the amount of paperwork and eliminating redundancies. Your Agency will be more productive which will increase profitability and improve retention.

Never Lose Track

  • of client’s and prospect’s renewals
  • of service and claim issues
  • of enrollments, terminations and changes
  • of dependents turning 26 or Medicare eligible employees and dependents

& Data


Years of Experience

$1B +

Commissions Processed and Paid Out

500,000 +

Clients and Prospects

650,000 +

Policies Tracked and Renewed

300,000 +

Service Issues Tracked and Resolved

Meet The
Executive TEAM

Dan Ritter

Dan Ritter

  • 25 years as an influential insurance broker in the NY Metro markets.
  • Founder and driving force behind AgencySmart.
  • When the market did not provide true quote to enrollment functionality, Dan set out to build it.
  • Dan Ritter

Anthony Arbolino

Anthony Arbolino

  • 10 years managing broker operations for large General Agency.
  • Leads AgencySmart operations and account management.
  • Anthony Arbolino

 Kirill Safarov

Kirill Safarov

  • 20 years experience in technology in the insurance industry.
  • Founder and the architect of the AgencySmart platform.
  • Kirill Safarov

Nolan Slattery

Nolan Slattery

Digital Marketing

  • Joined AgencySmart after working in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry
  • Leads digital marketing and web analytics tracking for AgencySmart
  • Nolan Slattery

    Digital Marketing

Whether you are a small retail shop or a national TPA or General Agent, AgencySmart is the software product that is designed to help insurance agents be more productive, more effective and more profitable.