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Author: Anthony Arbolino

Keeping Out The Enemy

2020 was certainly a challenging year, and we are sure that 2021 will have its own unique set of obstacles as well. As we have detailed in our ongoing blog sessions, and as you may well know; the competition will be coming after your existing clients and they will be leading with technology. It is...

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Voluntary Benefits and Why They’re Important?

  What are Voluntary Benefits?  According to the Society for Human Resource Management, “Voluntary benefits—or supplemental benefits—are products offered through an employer but are paid for partially or solely by workers through payroll deductions. An attractive perk of these benefits is that they...

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Are You Buying a Platform or an Integration?

When you’re evaluating or re-evaluating software solutions for your business, a lot of big name vendors market themselves as having various platform features i.e onboarding, CRM, quoting…etc. However, the reality is that most only have a preferred partnership or integration with another vendor...

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What to Look For in an Insurtech Solution

In the 1990’s, financial technology or “fintech” began to flourish concurrently with the rise of internet and ecommerce business models. The idea behind financial technology was to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. This digitization of the finance industry began to spread...

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When It Comes To Software Solutions, More Is Less

If you needed yard work done in your backyard, would you hire several companies to get the job done? Would you hire one just to cut the grass, another to put down mulch and another to plant flowers? Unless you’re fairly affluent and particular about landscaping, the answer is most likely “No”. So...

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Principal Products Are Now on AgencySmart

PRESS RELEASE UPDATED: MARCH 19, 2020 Fairfield, NJ, March 19, 2020 ( – AgencySmart, LLC. announces its new partnership with Principal. The partnership will bring benefits brokers easy access to Principal’s products through AgencySmart’s cloud-based software. AgencySmart users can now...

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Whether you are a small retail shop or a national TPA or General Agent, AgencySmart is the software product that is designed to help insurance agents be more productive, more effective and more profitable.