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Keeping Out The Enemy

2020 was certainly a challenging year, and we are sure that 2021 will have its own unique set of obstacles as well. As we have detailed in our ongoing blog sessions, and as you may well know; the competition will be coming after your existing clients and they will be leading with technology. It is no longer “if”, but “when”. How will you respond to this threat to your business?

If you’re an AgencySmart user that’s not utilizing the new MyBenefitLink feature set, you fall into the bucket of brokers and general agents that are at risk of losing business. This is because brokers offering online enrollment and employee onboarding has now become the gold standard. For these same existing users, your information and client data is already loaded onto the AgencySmart system. This means that for $1 per employee per month, you can make your book of business “sticky”, by offering the only true all-in-one platform.

Over the holiday break, AgencySmart wanted to figure out exactly why users trust us, so we sent out a newsletter including a customer satisfaction survey. After compiling their responses, the main theme we noticed was the use and comfort of AgencySmart as an insurance policy itself. Let us explain…

Our users see working with us as an additional insurance policy, because unlike our competitors, AgencySmart was built on insurance nuances that have been unaccounted for over the past 20 years, solely in response to everyday pain that brokers face. This tribal insurance knowledge, coupled with the fact that AgencySmart only builds new features onto our own platform, rather than combine multiple systems, eliminates the idea of our solutions becoming expendable. AgencySmart only began to sell these solutions once colleagues started asking for it, and since it wasn’t made with commercial intent, we priced it as such and have stayed true to that.

When it comes to Agency Management software, AgencySmart’s pricing is at the lower end of the spectrum. AgencySmart does not offer “no cost” or hidden cost employee benefit portals that PEO’s, brokerage firms, Namely and Paychex are all too familiar with. For just $99 a month per user, you can have access to AgencySmart’s CRM, quoting, employee onboarding and commissions features. 

On the contrary, we understand that a sizable amount of larger groups rely on Salesforce to host their client data. That’s why AgencySmart has made it possible to seamlessly import their information into the AgencySmart platform, without the expensive and time consuming integrations. 

Now just over a month into the new year, once your clients have renewed their policies and budget opens up, make sure you’re asking the right questions surrounding the solutions that run your business. Are these solutions setting you up for success down the road? If I partner with ABC company, will they be able to accommodate X, Y & Z needs that don’t exist in my current agency management ecosystem? Will they have to integrate with an existing vendor? Will we be able to add features to our homegrown solution if our clients begin to ask for it?

Taking the time now to find the right solution is what we call working smart…AgencySmart!

Whether you are a small retail shop or a national TPA or General Agent, AgencySmart is the software product that is designed to help insurance agents be more productive, more effective and more profitable.