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Online Enrollment and Employee Onboarding has never been easier!

Save time and improve accuracy by completely digitizing the employee onboarding and benefit election process as well as ongoing benefit administration. The addition and evolution of MyBenefitLink to the platform is what makes AgencySmart the only TRUE all-in-one system to run your agency.

For Employees & Employers

  • Employee Onboarding
    Once a broker has set a group up in MyBenefitLink using the Client Setup Wizard, the employee(s) will receive an automated email from MyBenefitLink to setup their account. All of the information previously collected by the Broker or Agent that has been uploaded to AgencySmart will populate in MyBenefitLink. All the employee has to do is verify the information is correct and add any missing information.
    During the Employee Onboarding process employees can electronically sign off on the company’s required documents, verify employment eligibility, configure tax withholdings and payroll information and then provide an electronic signature to finish!

For Brokers & Agents

  • Website Testing

    Once your groups are all set up in the system, you can perform a test login to verify that each employee’s MyBenefitLink is set up correctly.

  • Customize Client Settings

    Brokers can configure client settings in various ways through access groups, employee data, eligibility, enrollment forms and other relevant documentation and much more!

  • Begin/Modify Open Enrollment

    Brokers/agents can go into this screen and select which plans will be available to the group during Open Enrollment. They can also make changes to the open enrollment effective date and last day of open enrollment. Once they’ve made their selections, they can mass email an invitation to all employees through MyBenefitLink

  • Login as Employee

    Brokers can log in as one of the employees and complete benefit enrollment or make changes to benefit enrollments on behalf of the employee.

  • Reports

    Brokers can run and download transaction, audit log and HR reports for their groups in just a few clicks. These reports can be filtered by date or enrollment periods, employee, event type, plan type and much more!

  • Mass Emails

    Once an employee’s account is properly set up, they can receive mass email updates from the broker. This consists of welcome emails, open enrollment invitations and even custom emails that can be made custom to each recipient of the mass email campaign with AgencySmart’s mail merge functionality.

  • Notifications Log

    Similar to the audit log, this feature in MyBenefitLink allows brokers to go into a group and view what notifications the employee has received to make sure they’re properly advancing through the enrollment process. This feature can also be filtered by notification type.

  • Status Dashboard

    Brokers and Agents can get a visual representation of a group’s progress through the onboarding and enrollment process with the status dashboard. This dashboard can also be filtered by enrollment period and then downloaded in a .csv file.

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Whether you are a small retail shop or a national TPA or General Agent, AgencySmart is the software product that is designed to help insurance agents be more productive, more effective and more profitable.